-Do you feel lost in life, unheard, or seeking direction

Are you living a life that doesn't feel like your own?

As a result, are you drained, burnt-out, overwhelmed, or all of the above?

Do you seek fulfillment by expressing yourself in new ways but feel caged in or unable to?

If any of these above questions resonate with you, you're a great fit for my work. 

I offer free 30 minute discovery calls to see if we're a fit to work together.


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Hillary Trumpler's coaching journey started with her finding her own voice through singing and performing. She started to feel lost and burnt-out in her own life as a performer; unfulfilled and seeking direction. Once she realized she was living a life that wasn't her own, spirit intervened and she began the journey back to herself. She left performing behind and started teaching and mentoring, becoming a Certified Coach (CLC, CSC, CEC) through Artist of the Spirit.

Hillary now helps her clients find their true voice in her work as a coach and offers her clients support and guidance to finding solutions to life's big questions. She uses her creative and intuitive gifts to support clients on the deepest level with her heart and integrity. Her unique background offers support to those wanting to find their own voice, and supports creatives, artists, and truth-seekers of all kinds. Click the ABOUT tab on the main menu to read more!

Seal of Coaching Certification

I am a Certified Life, Energy, and Spiritual Coach. What sets me apart from other life coaches is my holistic training and certification through Artist of the Spirit's unique program.  I have the tools and solutions to support your whole being because EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.   

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